Japan's leading Manufacturing
district of fine furniture

Fuchu City, located northern part in Hiroshima Prefecture, is well known for the finest furniture manufacturing district and has 300 years of tradition. Currently there are 250 furniture manufacturers and furniture-related companies in which form the city,s one of the major industry. Fuchu furniture has consecutively received high-ranking marks and awards including first place in many furniture competitions in Japan, and is well renowned nationwide for its carefully selected materials, highly developed skills and excellent workmanship.

Three furniture manufacturers in the Fuchu district challenge their work to introduce their products for overseas market for the first time and they have worked and created together to launch the FUCHU FURNITURE JAPAN brand.
The FUCHU FURNITURE JAPAN brand is designed and carefully crafted to fit a modern western lifestyle by their traditional spirits of the craftsman hierarchy developed in Fuchu and that is very similar to the artisan spirit of the German meister.