Introduction of exhibitors.



Sasaki Mokko Co.,Ltd.  

A history began with one motor.
We have been caring the wood and Wood has been used to provide the warmth into our daily living life. The company was found in 1929 by encountering to a motor and since then we have been investing to renovate and expand the company, we became one of leading furniture manufacturer in Fuchu district.
We provide uncompromised care with pride and love when we manufacture the furniture for material, workmanship, design and functions so that our customer enjoy the furniture they purchased through their life. We also hope that our furniture becomes the best partner in terms of sharing the culture, hobby and affection.
Our goal is to keep the warmth of the wood as a priority and provide you the best quality with earth friendly and environment safe furniture by challenging the collaboration with other materials.
●Established in January 1929





Matsuoka Kagu Seizo Co.,Ltd.  


We have been bringing you the Earth
Friendly Furniture with 140 years of tradition.

Since we established in 1866, we have been applied our 140 years of tradition and technology into our furniture production.
Our goal is to create a beauty and harmony of making the furniture that meets a new age with cutting edge technology and harmony of the craftsmanship by looking into a future.
All of the material using in our coating process does not contain environmentally harmful substance such as formaldehyde, Toluene and Xylene. We promote earth friendly production process in our manufacturing.
●Established in January 1866



Matsuso Co.,Ltd.

Uncompromised production skills and
traditional craftsmanship.

Since established in 1855, we have been manufacturing furniture with the heart of art. It does not exist word of compromise in the eye of selecting the material, technology of which revitalized the material and pay attention to the lines and even hardware. We complete every piece to the highest end by expressing 100 percent of image that is always envisioned. That is our mission that we try to make better and sophisticated sensibility furniture than anyone else. The process of creating image of imagination starts from writing design sketch by the designer with questioning each designer,s sensibility.
It is a area of the art like creating a piece of painting with the attitude of prioritize the creativity if there is no tool available to express the expression, the tool is made based on designerユs imagination. We always try to be a top leader of the furniture manufacturing with the concern of environmental friendly process.
●Established in May 1855