Footstep of Fuchu Furniture in the U.S.A.

Fuchu Furniture received a grant propelled by Japanese government called Japan Brand Promotion Support Project. The project is to support the industries in the particular districts that produce unique and fashionable products or services to the living style and helps to improve their products value in the district. Also the project brings the strength of the management base and to revitalize the local economy through the activity of the project. Furthermore, the project brings the recognition to the world as Japan Brand・by expressing the Japanese taste.


Fuchu Furniture gained high reputation at the Las Vegas Furniture Exhibition in the U.S.A.


January 2007 Las Vegas Furniture Exhibition:
During the Las Vegas Furniture Exhibition held in Las Vegas in January 2007, Future Furniture received excellent reception by Mr. Shawn Samson, a partner of the Las Vegas World Market, and was offered Japan Fair・event at the next July 2007 exhibition.
Fuchu Furniture received excellent acceptance in quality and design with the Japanese taste among the buyers and interior designers who came to the booth. Many guests who visited Fuchu booth were amazed by the detailed finish, craftsmanship and beautiful design. The leading audio and video company offered Fuchu Furniture a joint development proposal to their entertainment system furniture.


July 2007 Las Vegas Furniture Exhibition:

The second entree to the Las Vegas Furniture Exhibition was held in July 2007. The exhibition organizer who highly appraised the quality of Fuchu Furniture brought us to the main access area in the building and received very high attendance from buyers and designers.
The Japan Fair・was held next to the Fuchu Furniture booth by the Las Vegas Market Organizer and Japanese Tea House Urasenke performed the Tea Ceremony to the visitors by serving the Japanese Green Tea and Sweets to experience the Japanese tradition and taste.
The second exhibition in Las Vegas by Fuchu Furniture was exhibited by the same three manufacturers as January exhibition. Each manufacturer expressed Japanese Harmony and displayed 22 items of their fine furniture such as Chest, Slat Construction Platform Bed, TV Entertainment Center etc. and received overwhelmed acceptance.
One of famous interior designer from New York offered us her design to be made by Fuchu Furniture. The Audio Video company from Japan who visited at the first exhibition came for second time requesting the price quotation to the furniture made with their specification.